Why Clients Choose Elite  

Our implementation of different marketing strategies and platforms builds a path way to bring forth creative face to face campaigns ranging from retail events, business to business programs, and client to consumer relations. The overall vision is to increase product market expansion and become the world leader in result acquisitions. We continuously work towards becoming the front runners for our clients, detailing every experience to fit the profile of the brand, massively changing the perspective of the consumers.


Company Culture

Here at Elite Legacy, we are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that’s both innovative and productive, emphasizing our connection to personal development. We are a company based on the foundations of integrity, respect, ethics, and leadership establishing a support-focused environment that encourages competition and challenges what is considered the “norm”. We learn from one another, grow and develop as a collective. We take a progressive approach to training and career development, dialing down to day to day one-on-one coaching.  Shared success is the number one leading cause of massive organic growth within any company. What differentiates us from any other industry, is that our extensive internal network pipeline caters to the needs of career and personal development. Unlike the competition, we take a personal approach to the development of the team as a whole.

Business Development

Our Fortune 500 clients are looking for an Elite extensive training process that leads to the expansion of their brand into additional markets across the country. Our clients demand campaign product launch within major cities across the nation within quarterly basis. In addition, we understand that our cost-efficient marketing strategies gives them opportunities to maximize ROI. Therefore, we strive to train and develop individuals in the skills sets of direct interpersonal relations, business expansion, administration and management. We have a solid training curriculum that is put in place to cross train individuals in all areas of business from account management to campaign directors in an advanced period of time, since our priority is massive growth. 


Is this You? 

We are growing steadily in the North Carolina market. Because of client demand, we are able to provide career opportunities to individuals seeking career growth and business development. We actively seek account managers, event coordinators, marketing specialists, team leaders, project managers, and campaign directors to handle the administrative duties, recruitment platforms, and product expansion on behalf of our clients. We believe in working with highly competitive, goal-driven, self-motivated, like-minded individuals who thrive in challenging, fast-pace, progressive environments.