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How to Win Holiday Season Marketing with Relevance and Timing

There’s nothing like a classic holiday scene. Snow dusts the ground, smoke climbs from the chimney and Hershey’s Kisses “Christmas Bells” ads ring out from the TV.

Consumers endure nonstop advertising, so most marketing messages amount to mere background noise. Per Kantar’s research, 89% of U.S. consumers feel indifferent at best about advertising, and even that number seems like an understatement.

Regardless, the holiday season brings in big business for retailers. According to Deloitte’s forecast, holiday sales will increase by up to 5% this year, racking up more than $1.1 trillion.

If you’re a retail marketer, you may plan on upping your media buys to ensure 2019’s last quarter is a good one. If so, you’ll be fighting for consumer attention with almost every other brand, which means your marketing had better strike the right holiday sentiment.

Marketing timing is everything — and it is tricky

The first holiday marketing trick is timing. Multiple major shopping days run through the holiday season, and ads often start before Halloween.

Etsy and eBay commenced their promotional merriment even earlier this year, as both launched holiday marketing in September. The online auction site quipped about “Christmas Creep” — the industry term for holiday ads that announce themselves earlier every year — but eBay was simply being clever with its anti-holiday-sales holiday campaign. Both e-commerce brands vied for consumer attention before the shopping craze could start in earnest.


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